20 Ultimate Lists Of Best PDF Submission Sites

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20 ultimate lists of best PDF submission sites

In this article, I’m going to cover the 20 ultimate list of best PDF submission sites you can use and produce tons of free traffic.

Once you have created your pdf files with the best content, the first most important task is to publish and market your content.

You may update your blog daily with a blog post; however, it would be terrible if no-one is reading it. Search Engines provide you the nice free traffic, however, you need to work hard at it to get them to rank you well.

Have you written a blog on a specific concept then think is that worth sharing as ebook, PPT or PDF files. If so, this will bring additional traffic to your blog on the same subject.

What is this PDF submission and how to submit PDFs in the best PDF free submission sites?

Well, PDF submission is one of the methods to get visibility of the website and instant backlinks. This we can also term as a way to do content marketing. It can generate traffic from the file-sharing websites, creates backlinks and so helps to improve search engine ranking.

PDF submission is one of the great methods to promote your business. The excellent part of PDF submission is that it you could share brochure, articles, and blog post in PDF submission web sites.

PDF documents not only enhance online presence however additionally help in attracting potential customers to business web sites.

Submitting content to such directories can be a great way to send very targeted reader traffic to your blog. These options (eBook, PPT, PDF) you choose to convert your blog and market, can increase your blog user base.

PDF submission directories can help you to boost your website ranking. They can provide quality backlinks and in turn generate traffic to your site. SEO link buildings are very effective through PDF Submission sites.

There are best sites available on the internet to create PDF files with a nice cover page. I have used Canva to create an eBook and download it is a PDF file. This is the best free tool that allows you to design good cover pages and download as a PDF file.

Cover page design will play a very important role to get user attention.

But here you should make sure to correctly guide the reader on what the reader searching for.

Few Tips before PDF submission:

PDF title

You need to set right SEO title for your PDF file before publishing it. This makes reader to click and read the content in PDF file. It also helps to get your PDF file rank in search engines.

Alt tags use

Images plays important role to convey the message quickly than text. hence, it is recommended to use relevant images in your blog or PDF files so that readers will continue reading the content and page bounce issue would be low.
When you use any image in your PDF then make sure to set the value properly in “Alt” tag. This will help Search engine to understand the content in your PDF file and rank accordingly.

Quality of content

Don’t just look for backlinks and spam with irrelevant content in the PDF file. You need relevant quality content so that it helps to get your blog rank high.

But the next question is, how you can market PDF file you have created.

This is very much similar to how you try to reach the audience when you write a new blog.

1 – issuu

2 – slideshare

3 – scribd

4 – box

5 – filestube

6 – 2shared

7 – wattpad

8 – filefactory

9 – en.pdf24

10 – keepandshare

11 – yudu

12 – calameo

13 – 4shared

14 – zoho

15 – rapidshare

16 – sendspace

17 – sliderocket

18 – feedbooks

19 – thinkfree

20 – speedyshare


Use this ultimate list of sites where you can publish your PDF file with great content. This will surely grab the user base to your linked blog post.

In case you have any other best list of PDF submission sites, please comment here.

And if you are looking for SEO tips, consider reading my blog on 3 Powerful SEO Tools available for Blogger.

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