25 Best sites to get your blog post viral quickly

25 Best Sites To Get Your Blog Post Viral Quickly

Thinking how to make blog post viral?

Every blogger wants more traffic, more backlinks for their blog site. And writing good content with +1000 words post is not enough to get your blog post viral.

Of-course “Content is King” but that won’t assure alone to get more visitors onto your blog until you spread it to the world.

Adding content to the blog is not enough and it should have valuable content at the same time. Most importantly, that content should be what your most of the audience looking for. 

Importance of SEO to make your blog post viral

You shouldn’t escape from implementing SEO correctly on your blog to get the blog high rank. When i say, implement SEO, that includes both on-page and off-page SEO.

What are SEO technique types? You can see below the types of SEO methods and you need to balance both to get your blog post viral.

In this post, i have listed all 25 best directory sites which helps you to get the blog post viral.

As a blogger, should be presented online whatever post you have written. To get your blog post viral, you need to apply SEO correctly.

Submitting your post to directory sites is one of the popular off-page SEO method. By this way you can tell the world that you have written a blog; so that they visit and read you blog.


Submitting your blog post to directory sites not just improve your online presence, it also helps you to get quality backlinks.

What are SEO Backlinks? These Backlinks are used in implementing SEO on a blog/website to optimize in a proper way. And Backlinks are nothing but external links to your website.

Simply they connect from one site to another or from one webpage to another. They help you to index your website’s pages correctly and quickly.

And these backlinks must be quality one; I mean, external links from high ranked websites so that Google index your site quickly. And based on which, your website ranking also depends. 

It also helps to improve improve your site’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking which is based on quality backlinks.

Therefore, if you are newbie in blogging, i suggest go for it and submit your blog post to these directory sites.

Benefits of submitting your site to these directory sites are

  1. This helps you to get quality backlinks for your blog site.
  2. Increases your blog post traffic in less time.
  3. Increase your site SERP rank in turn high DA (Domain Authority)

What is DA? This Domain Authority (DA) is one of the search engine ranking scores that guesses how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). This Domain Authority score will be in the range of one to 100 if higher scores so to a better ability to rank.

Caution: if you are submitting blog to low DA (Domain Authority) directory sites, that may hurt your site ranking.

Below 25 directory site having at least 30 DA to submit your blog site.

Typically what information is required to submit a blog?

Submitting a blog to any of the directory site requires some information of you post.

  • Blog name
  • Blog URL
  • Keywords to target
  • 2-3 lines description of the blog
Ready with the above information in notepad and submit in each directory site in sequence.
This is effective way which i use to submit quickly as there is no automated way i could see.
You can directly click on below hyper links which opens site in new window.

List of high DA directory sites

  1. Alltop
  2. Entire Web
  3. Boing Boing
  4. On Top List
  5. Blog Adda
  6. Blog Listing
  7. Indiblogger.in
  8. Plazoo
  9. Blogarama
  10. Blog Flux
  11. Blog Hub
  12. Blog Collection
  13. Blog Roll Center
  14. Blog Top Sites
  15. Bloggernity
  16. Blog Engage
  17. So Much
  18. Sonic Run
  19. Fuel My Blog
  20. Cipinet Web Directory
  21. 1Abc Directory
  22. Pegasus Web Directory
  23. Blogging Fusion
  24. Blog Directory
  25. Blog Ville


This is the one of the best way to increase you blog post online presence for getting more visitors organically.

Go for it, submit your site to these directory sites and comment here if you have any other similar sites to consider.

Also consider read ultimate proofreading tips which helps you to write best quality content.


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