34 Excellent Blogging Tool List To Help You Grow Blog

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If you are a blogger with your WordPress website, here is the best blogging tool list you can use. These blogging tools helps you to grow your online blogging business, website traffic in turn earn some money out of it.

Getting the traffic to your site is not just depend on writing the content and publishing. You need to make sure many aspects from choosing the right domain, hosting to applying the SEO, publishing the best content.

Maintaining the WordPress website is a bit time-consuming task if you are an individual and not a team/company. You need to monitor and fix if any broken links, clear the cache frequently so that your page speed will get increased, redirect 404 errors.

Apart from this list, you should also apply the on-page SEO so that chances of indexing and getting organic will be increased. And what about someone trying to hack your site to steal some important information? You need the best security tool installed so that it helps you to save from those attacks.

These blogging tools for beginners helps you to grow your blog quickly and in right manner.

Website Blogging Tool List


This WordPress plugin will provide a simple and easy way to migrate your website.

If you want to move your old WordPress website to a new hosting service, this All In One WP Migration plugin tool exports it easily, including the database files, media files, plugins, and themes files, then allows you to upload it to a new hosting location using a simple drag and drop process. Another good part is, this has no dependency on the PHP version and supports v5.2 onwards.

All In One Migration Tool, bloggingonblog.com


Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin tool that monitors your blog to see if any broken links and let you know if found. And it also helps you to fix those broken links to improve SEO and user experience.

brokenlink checker tool, bloggingonblog.com


This is the free analytics blogging tool to calculate website data and gain insights into your content performance and site visitors. Google Analytics is one of the ultimate digital analytics software on the internet.

It is Google’s free analytics service by which you can analyze in-depth detail about the visitors coming on your website.

It offers true valued insights that can help you to shape the successful approach of your online blogging business.


Using Proof website allows you to increase website conversions with social proof by displaying verified recent customer activity. There are only paid plans but also there is a free trial option.


Are you thinking that which WordPress security plugin is the best one? Wordfence Security is a free WordPress plugin that helps you to protect your site with a firewall and security scan to prevent attacks.

It includes protecting your site from bad login attempts, live traffic, and hack attempts and blocks IP based attacks. 

There are many other additional tools to give you more comprehensive WordPress security of your site.


Moz is the best website that provides many useful tools for bloggers. It provides many free tools related to link building, link analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and further.


Redirection is a very popular free plugin for WordPress which allows you to manage redirection, redirect permalinks to any URL and keep track of 404 errors.


In the Google Campaign builder tool, you can easily enter your website URL and campaign details so that you can track them in Google Analytics. This is the ultimate blogging tool you can use to rightly track highly valued traffic coming onto your site URLs.


Do you know how to improve the WordPress site performance in turn increase the site speed? This free WordPress plugin helps you to speeds up page load times by creating static HTML files from your WordPress blog.

The best cache system you install the great page load speed you can expect. In turn, you get a better rank by google as it love’s faster websites.


This is customer support, service, sales, and engagement software system. It has a free trial option.


No need to mention explicitly, this is the ultimate *free* WordPress SEO plugin which helps you to implement the best SEO settings for your site. This free plugin includes all so-called basic on-page SEO implementation settings. Is Yoast SEO the best SEO plugin?

Blogging Tool List For Social Media Promotion


You can use BeLive to show on Facebook in solo/split-screen interviews or talk show mode. It includes screen comments from your audience so you can interact with viewers. Free options also available.


This is the ultimate way to promote, share, and track your content on twitter for free.

It allows you to write a message you want others to share and it generates a link that can be shared. And this link automatically posts a Tweet which can be tracked easily.


You can use the Hashtagify website to search for popular hashtags, trends, and related hashtags. You can discover the top rising hashtags based on language. Free tools also available but with paid plans for more detailed data.


This is the best website which helps you to resize your social images quickly and free. You can simply drag and drop your image and resize it to fit all popular social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

And you can also share the same resized image directly to Facebook or Twitter or you can download the same.

Landscape by Sprout Social bloggingonblog


This ManyChat helps you to create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales, and support for your business. It is a logical combination of Facebook messenger, SMS, and email feature which help you to grow your business. A free option also available.


This analytics tool from Agorapulse analyzes your Twitter efforts with those of your competitors. It is a free tool.


Facebook blueprint coming with more than 90 eLearning courses to help you to learn the skills to manage your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

It helps you to create a Facebook ad and also how to create a fakebook page to grow your business.


This is the best Social Media Management tool by which you can curate, schedule the posts onto all major social media accounts. It helps you to discover the best content based on your topic chosen and post onto your social account so that your followers would be engaged.

The best part is, it has a free plan in case you want to try before buying the paid plan.


Do you want to run free contests on your Facebook timelines? Check this tool which helps you to create quizzes and photo contests. Agorapulse also offers the best social media planning tool to help you to grow engagement and traffic from social media accounts.


This helps you build a free chatbot for Facebook messenger and Instagram with no coding requirement. Moreover, it would be very quickly and easily accessible and also a free option available.


You only get one chance to link on Instagram. Linktree gets you around this limitation by providing a custom link for your profile that sends people to a page with up to five links instead, so you can include your email signup, products, blog posts, and more.

Linktree website is like a clever solution that allows you to create a group of all your links in one place with a single short link. When you clicked on that one particular short link, it navigates to a webpage where all your links will get displayed which are active.

This will be very helpful to Instagram’s users where you can place such a short linktree link which is a group of more than one link.

Content Curation Tools


This is a free tool that helps you to do keyword research and let you know what are all questions or queries searching around the keyword in google. And it also offers free report in CSV format, you can also download the image on the same.

Answerthepublic best blogging tool list


Font Squirrel is the treasure of fonts on the internet with high quality, legally free fonts. You can find thousands of completely legal, high quality, free fonts, and allowed to download.


This BrainyQuote is one of the largest collections of best inspirational and famous quotes around all topics.


This tool is to create GIFs and memos from your video or photos. And it also helps you to generate custom pie charts, bar charts in easy steps.


Every blogger must have a proofreading tool or service which helps to deliver ultimate error-free content. The Grammarly tool is your spell-check tool which helps you to find any grammar errors while you writing the content. It integrates with Microsoft word as an add-on also as an app on windows.


Have you written the content for your blog and don’t know how to proofread the same? This site helps you to find someone to proofread your content who is a profession in that.

Editorr is a professional copy-editing service and also proofreading service that connects you with actual editors at realistic rates.


This is one of the best resources for bloggers that analyze what type of content performs top for any keyword or topic you have chosen.

And it also helps you to find the competitor and the key influencers around the same topic to promote your content.

Content platform


Are you looking for graphics, icons, and vector patterns for your blog? This Creative Marketplace is the best place where you can find them easily and it also offers six free downloads each week.


You must have an idea of the importance and how to use the images in the blog post, isn’t it? Canva is one of the must-have blogging resources for every blogger. Because it helps you to easily create blog graphics, presentations, social media cards even with no experience.


This Cliché Finder tool is a website to check your writing for cliches.


This Eye Dropper is a chrome extension tool that is open source to allow you to pick colors from web pages easily. This also helps with the color picker and maintaining your personal color history.


Easil is one of the best Canva alternatives with some extra features like text-shadow, text masking, and detailed element placement. The templates available on this site are much prettier as well.

Best image design tool for social media promotion


I will keep on adding if any more tools to add to this list which can help my fellow bloggers.

Do you have your favorite blogging tools? You can comment here if you have any and that didn’t cover in the above list.

I always love to hear more about what tools are out there and which are more helpful to grow blogging business.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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