10 Extremely Simple Ways How To Boost Blog Traffic

How To Boost Blog Traffic

There are millions of blog posts and niche bloggers are there in this vast internet world. And every money blogger’s first concern is how to boost blog traffic easily or quickly.

You need decent blog traffic for various reasons like it affects your brand value, website ranking, search engine rankings and in turn it also influences your blogging income.

The truth is, any blogging website needs traffic to live because, without traffic, your blog website will lose the place on the internet space.

How can you boost blog traffic?

Don’t think to share some content as a blog post will attract visitors automatically.

Think about why someone should visit your blog post and read the content you have written. There are many factors involved in why someone reads your blog post content.

Below are pretty simple ways to boost your blog traffic.

Write more content

If you wish to increase blog traffic, the ultimate simple thing you can do is write great content. You probably must have heard this before – the term “Content is King” in the blogging world. But most of the internet bloggers misunderstood this as just putting out as much content as possible is enough. But in reality, you need the quality content and not just quantity.

The more excellent content you post, you will keep your readers coming back for more.

You can fill your blog post with irrelevant/unworthy content which comes more than 2000 words, it doesn’t give a guarantee that the reader will show interest to read your blog post. Even if you are sharing 500 words content, the reader might show interest to read the full article in case it has enough worth content.

Most of the bloggers can’t write a blog post in just 15-20 minutes. Writing the best content requires enough time investment as well as required resources. 

You should make sure you have somewhat meaningful content to share and also share it regularly to keep up your readers interest.

Posting the content very frequently

Google loves the blog which regularly gets updated and it rewards them with higher search engine ranking.

Like you plan to post on social media accounts, you should also do the same for blog posting. Planning the blog posting is a bit harder than social media planning. This is because, there is no such universal plan which conformed success with X number of posts per week.

Publishing too much may result in your viewers feel overwhelmed or viewers may forget your blog if you post too little per week.

Don’t worry much about this, but you should execute a proper plan so that you can boost blog traffic.

You should start slowly with X number of a planned set of posts per week, add/remove a post to experiment the same. This way you can watch closely how your blog traffic reacts so that you can determine the best post frequency that will bring a steady stream of viewers.

Writing the best & relevant content

You must have chosen the right niche for blogging as the popularity of your topic can influence your blog traffic.

Always post the best content which is very much relevant to your selected niche. And better once you picked up, stick to that niche and avoid switching the topic frequently.

No one comes to your blog just like that and reads your entire blog post content. They only come to you with a purpose or seeking help in any topic in which they are not expert or don’t know much.

Hence, an important step in starting a blog is identifying the niche and your target audience.

You should keep in touch with your audience to know their pain/interested areas so that you can cover the same topics which are useful for them.

Before publishing a blog post on any topic, better you should research a lot on what your reader looking for.

And try to write the content which can live long. I mean, your content value shouldn’t be seasonal which may be viral for the short term but ignored in the long term.

You should make sure to proofread your content before publishing the blog post. This will help you to avoid simple grammatical mistakes and write the form of sentences in the content. Because you are here as a subject expert and expecting no such simple mistakes which may result in a bad impression on your blog.

Writing the SEO friendly content

As mentioned above, you need not just the content, it should be worthful content. For example, you are going to write a blog with the keyword “how to write a blog”. There would be a huge competition where millions of blogs already available on the same subject on the internet.

How do you make sure your new blog page showed in the google search results on the first-page it-self? For that, you should prove, your page has written information which the reader is searching for.

You should make your blog page very familiar to google so that it can scan your page and give priority to display in search results.

No one knows what algorithm google will use to search for certain keyword and display results. But we all know the basic setting to do so that we can improve the chances of higher ranking in search results.

This can be achieved by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) technics which helps you to boost the blog traffic in the right way.

Broadly, there are two types of SEO methods.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is something you can do with the content you display on a blog page or settings you can do. In this way, search engines can easily access the data from your page and index rightly.

Apart from writing the SEO friendly headline name, ALT text for images, writing the SEO friendly content plays a major role in on-page SEO method.

Write the content with rightly set the keywords and it should be useful content. It shouldn’t be like stuffing keywords even in irrelevant places in the blog post. Google hates this type of black hat method of making page indexed on a particular keyword.

Make sure to write at least more than 1000 words content. It doesn’t mean that below 1000 words content doesn’t work for SEO. Search engines love to index the content with more than 1000 words because it has more chances to give full details in a single page what the reader is looking for.

And try to put your content and avoid plagiarism in your published content. Plagiarism may hit penalty on you and also impacts on your page indexing in search engines.

Internal linking

For example, the reader reached your blog post “how to write a blog” who is looking for full information on the same subject. How about giving all the required information starting from choosing the right theme to applying SEO methods to boost blog traffic?

The reader loves to stick on your blog to read entire related pages and fetch all required information.

But how you can achieve this?

The best way to do this is by doing internal linking.

Internal links are links that take your reader to another page on your website.

Whenever you are writing any blog post, try to link to all relevant earlier blog posts you have written. This way, readers stick on your website to fetch all data from all of your relevant blog posts on the same subject.

This way, not only help to boost blog traffic, but it also reduces page bounce rate.

Page bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of visitors that exit your website on the page they arrived from, without reading or discovering other content on site.

Page bounce rate calculated also based on the average time spent on your page by your readers. If your blog post having the right relevant information, the reader won’t leave the page quickly until reading the content.

Page bounce rate not just depends on the content you are posting, it also bases on how quickly your page getting loaded.

Outbound linking

Outbound links (aka External links) are links that take your reader to the external website page. In another way, you are sending your reader to another’s website. This is also true from another way around where other website sending their readers to your website.

Outbound links are more useful than internal links. This is because search engines think in that way as other people saying your website having important information than you saying your-self. 

Hence, the more outbound links your website has the more credibility your website scores.

There are two types of outbound links,

Nofollow and Dofollow outbound links.

With Dofollow outbound links, you are saying search engines that give credit to that other website links. Whereas with Nofollow outbound links, you are just giving way to navigate to other website pages with no credit.

Getting quality outbound links helps you to boost blog traffic in speedway. But, getting backlinks from spammy sites will negativity impacts on your site’s credibility. Quality Backlinks are one of the metrics used by search engines to check your site’s popularity.

Hence, make sure to link to the right high PA/DA website pages as Dofollow outbound links. This will help you to also get other sites to give you a quality backlink in return.

You can use the best online tool Moz website to check & get quality backlinks to your site.

And no website gives you full information on a particular niche topic. Internet users must navigate to at least more than two websites to fetch all required information.

Your reader will love your page if you give all relevant information on your website by giving the right website outbound links. And search engines also find your page useful which gives all required information for users.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy which involves sending a specific set of emails to your subscribers or potential customer. Email marketing is one of the coolest ways to increase website traffic very quickly.

Most internet users still check their emails regularly. If any first-time reader came to your blog then you should attract that user and convert as a subscriber. Because retain the existing customer is more important than getting the new customer on to your blog.

Once you convert the customer as a subscriber, you should keep on engage that customer with the latest updates/posts on your site.

And, you can also reach that subscriber to get to know the interested/pain topics so that you can plan your next post.

To get started with email marketing, you need an email list i.e. you should have subscribers list. To get the visitors to get subscribe, you should promote your blog, put opt-in forms, and/or offer freebies.

The more you have subscriber list the more chances of getting more traffic on to your sites. Of course, you should use that subscriber list in the right way to bring more traffic. This will happen by sending regular emails with the latest blog post updates, promotional emails and personal connect emails to your subscribers.

Once the subscriber list getting increased, it is difficult to manage email marketing manually. Hence, you have to choose the email marketing automation tools were few free tools also available on the internet.

Email marketing automation tools will help you to plan the emails correctly and execute them at regular intervals. These will also help you to analyze the traffic based on geographic location, interests so that you can plan emails accordingly.

Here I have listed Free Email Marketing tools available for new bloggers.

Sharing the content on Directory sites

Owning a blogging website just for sake is of no use. You should post the ultimate content which is of use for your targeted audiences. At the same time, you should promote your blog post on the internet.

Even you have great content, very few chances that get more views from readers until you promote it properly.

Search engines look for higher authority sites to give priority in placing in the search results. This is one of the factors in SEO to get better search rankings. Domain authority depends on how many quality links you have with your site.

To increase the online presence, sharing your content onto directory sites is also one of the best SEO methods. This will also help you to increase the link building chances for your website and to boost the blog traffic.

What are these directory sites?

These Directory sites are the type of websites which stores business information on many sites. This Directory submission is the process of submitting your website to the web directory of sites in a particular category/niche.

By doing this Directory submission consistently, your site’s domain authority will get enhanced, and you could boost the blog traffic from Google search.

It’s not guaranteed that submitting your site to the directory site list will bring tons of traffic to your website. But it is worth doing as it is one of the ultimate link building SEO techniques.

There are many directory sites where you can submit your site to a respective niche. But you should make sure to choose the sites wisely which has high Domain Authority (DA) ranking.

And not all of these directory sites are free, there are paid directory site also on the internet.

Consider reading the best sites to get your blog post viral quickly.

Sharing on forum sites

No one knows everything in this world and continuous learning is the key to success in any field. In case you are stuck with any problem, you look for help on the internet. And you may get help to resolve the same from someone who is subject experts.

Because finding the correct solutions from reliable sources is an important way to move forward.

An Internet forum or an online discussion site is where subject experts can run discussions in the form of messages.

Forum sites are the place where people usually share thoughts, questions in the form of text post, and links. These Forum posting sites are like an online discussion site where you can put across your skills, questions on any subject.

These forums on online will also help you to boost the blog traffic. When you answer any of the relevant questions, you can also give your website link for more information. By this, you will get a quality backlink and in turn, traffic, if someone follows your link you posted.

Forum posting is one of the very effective ways of SEO, but you must understand the fact that high-quality backlinks are important.

Chose the popular discussion forum site wisely and involve in relevant niche discussions.

There are best high Domain Authority (DA) forum submission sites that exist for this purpose.

Quora is one of the Q&A (Question and Answer) forum site where people will ask questions and other people will answer those questions, upvote, add their comments.

Sharing the posts on content curation sites

The content curation site is a collection of interesting information from different sources. You can share other content by curating or others will curate your content. This would be either as separate pieces of content or as a summary to share with your audience.

These content curation tools will help you to publish the best content onto your social media accounts without the need of writing the content.

It sounds great, right?

Additionally, these content curation sites will save your time, money, and efforts in writing and sharing content with your audiences.

If you submit your content onto these sites, others may find your content as interested and share it with their audience. This way, you can boost your blog traffic as well as helps with quality backlinks to your site.

Make sure you have chosen the best content curation site with high DA value to do the same.

Some of the best content curation sites as below.

Social media followers

The more your blog traffic the more your brand value on the internet. If you have a popular blog with more daily average traffic, it’s linked to social media profiles that would also have a high number of followers.

This is true in other ways around as well that is, more social media followers then you get more blog traffic.

Many small businesses are posting content onto their social media accounts to build their audiences and boost blog traffic. Though, they may not be receiving everything they expected from each post they created.

If you are very serious about what content you have written, then you should also be serious about driving traffic from social media as much as possible.

You anyway do share the content on social media just after publishing new posts on the website. What about sharing your content on social media again as second time (more than once). You should plan the sharing of posts in such a way that that post will get shared weekly/monthly once.

This way, you will get more chances of audience visiting your site if they missed it earlier and in turn you can build great followers.

Try to build a social media follower base on any popular social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


I hope I have covered a lot in this blog which helps you to boost the blog traffic. While this list is only short and we have more to know, I hope it gives you a better starting view. This list must have inspired you to come up with even better ideas of creating traffic for your blog.

You can comment here if you have any favorite methods of increasing blog traffic and/or which method above you are already using.




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