6 reasons you should never buy a solo ad

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In this post, we will look at 6 of the most common problems with solo ad marketing and show that this isn’t the marketing method for new businesses.

What does solo ad marketing mean?

Solo ads are self-promotions by an unaffiliated sender, usually found on Craigslist. The term “solo” is used because the advertiser uses just one of their allotted ads. There are a number of disadvantages to solo ads, including not being able to track potential leads, not being confident that leads are actually interested, or asking enough questions of recipients for feedback or general inquiries.

6 Reasons why you should never buy a solo ad

Buying solo ads is easy to do for guaranteed solo ad traffic but it has many potential pitfalls. The biggest pitfall is that there is no built-in safety net for your money. There are no opinions about the company you buy the ad from so what you get in return may not be what you want. Some advertisers don’t even offer refunds while others charge hefty fees to shut down sermons. It would be wise to invest some more time researching whether or not solo ads are right for your campaign before deciding to press ahead.

How you can find success without buying a solo campaign

It’s understandable why people question the use of a solo ad. It seems like a great opportunity, but most people find success without paying for one. You can still benefit from their power for promotion with these strategies: creating quality content that links out to you, using your personal social media accounts, improving your own website with excellent content, and making sure that before launch anything you’re working on is well-tested.

Advice on how to put together your own list of at least 100 companies you want to work with.

  1. Solo ads are a major waste of time and money if you’re not a big company with a lot of capital to start with.
  2. It’s a better idea to invest that money into social media or SEO instead.
  3. It’s going to be more expensive because the only way to really get one is by bidding on the service, so it’s going to cost at least double what it would if you had more control over who you paid for something like this.
  4. We know from experience that some advertisers have been spamming buyers with solo ads.
  5. You’ll have to deal with fake leads and spam yourself, just because people assume they’re trustworthy when they’re at your website – they’re not.
  6. The leads are also probably not very targeted because most people who bid on this service are actually just funneling the leads to.

5 Benefits of Solo Ad Marketing That You Didn’t Know About

Solo ad marketing is a type of internet advertising where you are the only advertiser.
If you have no idea what solo ads are, don’t worry because I am going to tell you about some of the benefits of using them.
Here are 5 benefits that might change your mind on why solo ads work so well for marketers:

1) Reach Your Target Audience – One major benefit of solo ads is that they can reach your target audience better than any other type of traffic method.
2) Solo ad marketing is a type of internet advertising where you are the only advertiser.
3) Results in Conversions and Sales – The second big benefit to using them is how effective they can be at driving conversions and sales.
4) Increased Conversions – The third benefit of solo ads is that they can increase conversions.
5) Decreased Cost Per Click – Another major advantage to solo ads is that you will get a lower cost per click compared to other methods.

And few more benefits of solo ad marketing as below

Solo ad marketing can be profitable for everyone
You can be creative in the way you approach the product
You can contact the target audience in a personal way
You can choose the most suitable methods for your business
You can target specific audiences
You can find new sources of traffic
You can be more flexible
You can increase the conversion rate
You can get the most out of your traffic
You can have more time to focus on other parts of your business
Solo ad marketing is an excellent way to promote your business
You can contact anyone in the world
You can target your audience
You can target your audience based on their demographic, interests, and behavior
You can see your results in real-time


In conclusion, they are most powerful when used in conjunction with other marketing activities. Using an email list that you have built up over time allows you to reach potential customers that you wouldn’t have otherwise reached. Email marketing solo ads are a great way to promote your business and products online. Furthermore, they are a great way to promote products you are already selling. If you aren’t doing this yet, start now!

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  1. Kerrie

    I agree… Why buy something you can get for free anyway. You can find click per credit solo ads and you do not have to have a email list. Most people on these sites are looking for money or in that type of niche. There are more types of people too. So you can get targeted traffic. Even though it is just click and leave…if your content is good they will stay and read more or maybe subscribe by email.There are a lot of benefits for the free solo email ads.It has brought my number of people up a thousand each month. Just have to know what to put in the ad to grab their attention. It works for me and can work for many of your readers also. Any questions feel free to leave a message here and I can get back to you.

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