3 Awesome Free Email Marketing tools for new bloggers

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I am going to explain the compiled list of best email marketing tools with free variant for new bloggers.

Everyone in this blogging world wishes to have more and more visitors to their blogging sites. Because writing great content is not just enough until someone reads and takes advantage of your ideas.

To reach your blog to every reader who is looking for such type is like marketing your blog. Marketing your blog in the right way is more important as you write great content.

While writing a blog with the best content, you must consider implementing SEO strategies in the right way. Because this is the foremost important step to convey search engines about your blog.

And then marketing your blog to the target audience so that they get to know updates on your blogs.
This is via social media marketing where you share the blog to all major social media sites to reach target audiences. 

Another marketing strategy to market your blog to the right group of audience is email marketing. Email marketing tools help you to share the blog updates right into their email inboxes.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is nothing but sending emails to a group of customers or audiences to engage them with your business or blog. You may consider this to advertise your product or blog with either current or potential customers/audiences.

Use of email marketing for a blogger?

Once a reader subscribed to your email list, you can send all updates happening on your blog or advertise your new product/blog.

Sending emails to all your current subscribers to intimate a new update on your existing blog or weekly updates with the latest/popular blogs.

Sending welcome emails to all your new subscribers to with the latest blogs and you can also share resources available paid/free on your site.

This email marketing helps you to keep your subscriber update and increase the page views ultimately.

Hence, many successful bloggers consider email marketing still the best consideration than social media marketing to increase page views.

But to whom I need to send emails with my blog posts? You must have started building an email list already, didn’t you?

There are paid/free email lists available on the internet but that won’t help you. Because sending email to an unknown audience email address is something sort of spam only and no guarantee that email gets converted to a page view.

Hence, you should build your email list for your blog site.

How can I build an email list on my own? Yeah, you can do it with the help of landing pages, pop-up forms, and subscription forms.

Use the right tools which help you to add forms to collect the email address of readers and build the email list.

And creatively use that email list as it is your biggest asset to market your blog.

What are email marketing tools available with free variant?

  • Mail chimp
  • Convertkit
  • Mailerlite

Mail chimp

Mail Chimp is a very popular email marketing tool with powerful features. This tool will have all the required email marketing features for small to big business teams.

Email Marketing tools_mailchimp

With the free version, you can send 10000 emails monthly and allowed 2000 subscribers only.

You can create 1 email list with the free version where you can use all basic features like audience dashboard, tags, segmentation, and behavioral targeting.

Use basic templates to create subscription forms or pop-up forms but with mail chimp brand footer. You can also access all basic reports to see the audience and type of emails you sent.

You will get access to knowledge base and support email on marketing tips and there won’t be phone support.

The best part is, you will get access to use marketing channels like email, landing pages, Facebook or Instagram ads and social posting in the free variant.

And another point to mention is, A/B testing feature only available in paid versions.

What is this A/B testing mean?

A/B testing is a process of comparing one version of the product (webpage, email) with others in a specific feature point of view.

This will help you to see the difference in performance in many aspects like email conversion rate or webpage loading time.

So, this is essential to run A/B testing before installing any paid resources which affect your ROI.


The Convertkit is one of the popular email marketing tools available for all blogging beginners.  It has a free plan which includes all the basic needs of email marketing for new business owners.

Email Marketing tools_Convertkit

The Convertkit beginner free plan includes unlimited landing pages and subscription forms and also can send emails up to 500 subscribers.

You can design pages mobile responsive with the help of ultimate tools available in the free version as well. And segmentation can be done by tagging each subscriber in the right manner.

There will be many images available for you to build the best pages with the help of Unsplash integration.

You will also get the basic community support to help you if any issues.

What is this segmentation in email marketing?

Segmentation is something by which you can group the subscriber based on some characteristics. Typically, their interests, purchase history and geographical location.

So, we can send the relevant email message to subscribers which helps to convert into more page views.


Mailerlite is another best email marketing tool available in a free variant and with awesome features. This also has 14 days free trial option with premium features.

In case you are an entry-level blogger where you have below 1000 subscribers then this is the ultimate option that comes free.

Email Marketing tools_Mailerlite

You will have the choice to send 12000 emails per month with ultimate integration options.

Support perspective, you will get 24/7 email support and access to knowledge base and video tutorials.

You can create email campaigns with the help of drag & drop editors, inbuilt image editor, and file manager.

You will get templates for Landing pages; Embedded signup forms and Pop-up subscribe forms.

And the best part is, you can run the A/B test with the free version as well.Other features included are GDPR compliance, SSL encryption, and 25+ customizable templates.


This is the compiled list of best email marketing tools by me. I hope you got useful information from this blog post.

Could you share the information if you have any other best email marketing tools options which help our fellow bloggers?

If you have any queries or concerns, please comment here.

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