Complete 11 Important Considerations You Need To Mind Before Write A Blog

Complete 11 Important Considerations You Need To Mind Before Write A Blog

Want to know how to write a blog? What do you think about create a blog, do you want to earn money by blogging?

Blogging is a very effective way to put your knowledge, thoughts on internet. Those your expertise and experiences may help others.

In this process of putting your words on the internet in the form of blogs, you can also earn money from it.

To earn money, your blogs should reach to more internet users. In other words, the more popular your blog is, the more you can earn from it.

Most of the earnings you can expect from advertising on your website. If someone reaches your website and click on the advertisement then you will get some percentage from advertiser.

These advertisers mostly like websites that have good search engine rankings only.

How do you start a blog, are you looking for money in return from your blogging? Or you are just chosen this blogging as writing blogs is your habit?

If it is later one then there is not much to worry about search engine, for better search engine rankings.

But if it is not just your habit, you also want to earn money from your blogging, then SEO is the concern.

Are you passionate about write a blog Or you have chosen a blog as your career Or you want to make money by writing a blog? Whatever the option picked by you from above, the common point is writing a blog and publish.

Is write a blog and hit publish button is enough, will it get an audience by itself? Certainly not, there are few crucial steps to follow before & after publishing your blog post.

1. Chose a topic to write a blog post

Oh! There are many ideas in my mind on which I can write a blog post. But I am not able to decide which one I should pick up and write a blog post. This is what the answer you can expect from most of the bloggers if you ask the same question.

But this is a very important step in writing a blog post to pick the right niche. Therefore, you should pick up the topic you most passionate about and/or you have more knowledge in it.

Because, if you have good information on the topic then you can produce very good content on the same topic. And if you are writing a blog on the topic you most enthusiastic about then your content can easily attract others with the same passion.

You will also have enthusiasm while writing a blog post which in-turn helps you to produce very good content to increase the leads to your site.

Q1. I have more knowledge about it? –like technology sector, healthcare, pets

Q2. Am very passionate about? – healthcare but need continues learning and do R&D in the healthcare sector

Q3. Very popular & money-making blog niche – healthcare, blogging (just an example)

Did you choose healthcare or blogging topics just because they are a very popular money-making blogging niche?

 I suggest no, you shouldn’t write a blog post where you don’t have knowledge/passionate about it. In viewpoint to get success in blogging is to choose the right niche i.e. choose either you know more about or you more interested in it.

2. Brainstorm around that topic

After picking up the right niche, the important step is to brainstorm around the topic you chose. Therefore. you should gather every information you/got to know about it and list down all of them.

In addition, you need to prioritize the list of items and pick the right item to start writing a blog post. That means you have to research what would the keyword which drives to write a blog next. You may use some online idea generator tools to pick the right topic for blogging.

These tools will help you to know the possible topics when you input your base word or sentence.

Hubspot, Contentideagenerator, and Answerthepublic

These tools also help you to know what are all search strings or searches happened for the keyword in your mind. The first step you need to know after you decided on keyword, what are all possible searches and what is the current competition on that keyword.QuestionDB is one of the best tools to research on a topic or keyword to know what are searches done by people on the same.

3. Chose the title of the post

Imagine you have written great content and published your post to all major social media accounts. But you see no visitors for that blog post, no FB shares, twitter shares, no likes, and even no comments.

Why so, even when you have very good content and posted to social media account? Above all, the reason maybe you don’t have a written eye-catch blog post title.

Blog titles play a major role to get visitors to your website and read the content.

We do spend much time writing the blog post content but why we decide the title of the post within minutes.

You need to spend some time researching which title is best suits the content you have written in the post. And as well as which title can attract visitors very easy to click and read the content.

For instance, these tools you can use to generate good titles for your blog which can drive traffic to your site.contentrowAMI,  Hubspot, Coschedule, SE Ranking, BuzzSumo, Headline Wizard 

4.Write a blog content

This is the heart of your blog post which is more important for your visitor.
Visitor landed up on your website with some expectation which should be there in the content of the blog.

As you have pickup the topic which you are passionate about and/or you have more knowledge, therefore you must have eager to start writing the content. Isn’t it?

But before you start writing the content, you must do some homework so that your final blog will come in the right shape to get more visitors.

Based on the topic you have chosen, there are some steps you need to consider while writing the content.

Your blog’s content may be in the form of videos, text or images. Always make sure to include three things i.e. nice introduction of the topic your blog is about, good content and a nice conclusion in the end.

Above all, you should make sure to write the content which is very much related to what topic you have chosen. And you should also maintain a good number of keywords in the content related to the main topic.

It is important to write a blog post with at least 1000 words that help to attract more visitors. But at the same time, you need to make sure, that must be right/relevant content.   There are some best keyword research tools available that help you to find the right keywords based on the topic.


5.Check the SEO level

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is this SEO and how you can get better SEO ranking for a blog website? The name itself describes what SEO means for your blog post.

SEO is search engine optimization which talks about how your blog content ranked by search engines higher. So that it will be placed in a better position to get more traffic organically. 

After write a blog, why SEO is that much important is because it helps

  • You to generate more traffic
  • Your blog display on the first page in search results
  • You to get more sales
  • You to outrank your competitors

There is no guarantee that your blog will receive more visitors when the SEO level of your blog is not up to par. In other words, the SEO ranking of your blog will tell you how it is indexed in the available search engines. And your blog will appear on the first page of the search if someone searches for the related search string.

You are committed to creating awesome content and keen to build backlinks but you may be forgetting something. If you want a page to rank for a specific keyword it is essential that you get the on-page optimization correct.

Therefore, to ensure that your excellent content blog appears in the search engine in the right place and that more visitors arrive on your site, you must follow some basic steps.

  1. Make sure your content has the right keywords?
    • There are the best keyword analyzing tools/sites available on the internet you can refer to
  2. Have you mentioned the right tags for your blog in question?
  3. Are you using the best SEO plug-in which helps you to increase the SEO ranking of your blog?
    • I like Yoast SEO & Rank Math SEO plugins for WordPress site
  4. Are you making sure to update sitemap XML on all major search engine sites like Google, Bing?

There are two types of SEO which we need to make sure while writing a blog.

  • On-page SEO

  • Off-page SEO

6. Proofread the content

If you’re going to spend time creating a blog, articles, technical documents or anything else, I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of the review. You must have spent much of your valuable time researching, planning and writing blog content. Above all, it is extremely important to ensure that it is of the best possible quality and standard.

Proofreading inevitably takes very little time, however, not doing so can have a negative impact on your publishing efforts.

You often write a blog to show people that you are an expert in your field. So how do you think it looks if you have spelling and punctuation errors frequently in your writing? It doesn’t look very good, it detracts from writing.

We write a blog post in our native language, however often we make silly grammatical mistakes, which is very common. Therefore, we must take care of writing the content without grammatical errors. And at the same time, the content must be in a language easily understood by the reader. If you use heavy words, more passive sentences, the reader will have difficulties to continue reading the blog until the end.

While your online search, you would have come across very poorly written blog sites full of grammatical errors. Which instead of creating a prominent and influence impact, creates a very bad impression over the reader and will quickly leave the page.

Hence better you use any proofreader tool to check if the written content is in good shape to read & understand easily. There are few best proofreaders available on the internet like Grammarly, paperrater which you can also refer to.

7. Link older blog posts

How you market your old blogs, how you share your earlier posts when you are ready with new posts on a similar subject/niche?

If you have older posts and writing the current post which is in similar lines, then better you link your old posts to the current one. For example, an old post may be having basic steps and you are writing an advanced post in detail then link your old post. So that it will also get views if any reader wants to know basic steps before going to advanced, right?

If you are writing a series of blogs on a given subject/issue/niche then it is good to provide a link to your earlier series posts.

8. Format the content

Personally, I don’t like to read any blog/post which is not in a good format. In other words, if any blog doesn’t start with the right heading, don’t have sub-headings where required doesn’t look good, isn’t it?

Check your blog and set the content in the right manner by formatting.

  • Set header in starting of the blog
  • Set sub-headers at least 2 in your blog
  • If you have any list of content to display then format it as a list that looks good and easily readable.
  • Wherever required use text highlights
  • Insert the images in the right place in the right dimensions

9. Publish the blog post

Publishing the blog post is a very crucial step even when you have written good content.
Because even if you have written the right content but forgot a few basic steps before publishing which worth nothing.

Before hit on the publish button, make sure you have done with the below checklist.

  • Have you done a preview of the post?
  • Have you re-verify the meta description, name?
  • Check
    • permalink
    • post title once again
    • the tags mentioned for the blog
    • the default sharing accounts setting
    • the readability score
    • the SEO score

10. Share the post to social media accounts

Once you have published your post on to your site, it is not the end of the game but starting. Yes, if your blog reaches the wider range of readers then search engine visibility is not just enough. In addition, you need to send your blog everywhere there is the right communication channel. Share your posts on facebook, twitter, Pinterest accounts.

  • Twitter
  • FaceBook
  • Pinterest
  • Share your blog post to all other social media accounts
  • You need to bookmark your blog post social bookmarking sites
  • Give response to comments on your blog post

11. Share the post via email

Email marketing plays a vital role in keeping the reader consistency and make them subscribers. There are different ways available to do email marketing in the right manner which helps you to increase your reader list.

You can add the best suitable WordPress plugin or you can choose the best available site for the same purpose.

You can send an email to the reader whenever you add a new post or set a cron to send the recently added blog details every week/month.


In conclusion, now that you’ve got enough information on how to write a blog which gets more traffic in organic way. Go after it and then try these strategies to promote your  business for better results.

Are you using any of the same methods? Do you have a better tool or strategy you’d love to recommend to this world?

Please share your favorite strategies, tools in the comments!


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