6 Ultimate Best Proofreading Tips For Every Blogger

6 ultimate best proofreading tips for every blogger

In the current blogging world, blog owners will always try to increase their online presence, sometimes forgetting that proofreading is compulsory! Bloggers are writing and submitting articles across the net, on an everyday base. And establishing links to their website, blog and successfully fetching the reader’s attention to their products or services.

By submitting blogs regularly, these blogging sites are growing their search engine rankings on the major search engines such as Google and Bing over the long term.

You have written an informative blog on the best keywords but not able to attract visitors to it?

Even if page views are high, getting page bounce issues?

Then you must do proofreading your blog content as without proofreading won’t attract audience interest to read the full blog content you have written.

What is proofreading?

In this article, we are going to discuss, what is this proofreading and ways to apply the same on your blog.

To write a perfect blog, you will have to put into writing your thoughts in a correct manner. To make sure you have a fault-free blog you will have to do a review of your content in the correct way.

If you are not good at writing a blog post in the English language, then you will unconditionally make many grammatical mistakes. The best proofreader service or you with the best proofreading tips will easily point out the mistakes to help you learn, and make the required changes in the content.

To be very clear on one point, editing and proofreading are two entirely different stages of the review process. Both require close and vigilant reading, but they are for different purposes and cover different characteristics of the writing and apply different techniques.

The editing isn’t just about correcting errors; you are updating your sentences so that it will become very clear and interesting to the reader. Make longer sentences to shorter as shorter sentences are clearer and more straightforward than the longer sentences.

Difference between Editing and Proofreading

  1. Editing is all about
    1. Structuring sentences correctly
    2. Making sure no repetitive sentences/words
    3. Checking clarity of sentences
    4. Awkward phrasing
    5. Checking tone & voice
  2. Proofreading is about
    1. Spelling mistakes
    2. Finding and fixing Grammatical errors
    3. Checking for capitalization issues
    4. Correcting any typos
    5. Checking for any punctuation issues

If you see above that proofreading mainly talks about grammatical & typo issues and to improve the overall quality of the content. Correcting the structure of the content and improving language use will bring more clarity to the content.

So, Proofreading is a process where we check and correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and typo errors from written blog content.

There are many ways to make sure that the blog content you’ve written for your website is written correctly. But choose wisely from the best available proofreader services and apply the correct proofreading tips so that it helps to grow your blog page rank.

Here we are going to discuss the best six proofreading tips and trusted proofreading services available online. There are six proofreading tips that you can follow for better results from the same.

  1. Don’t proofread your content immediately after writing it
  2. Enlarge your content size before proofreading
  3. Proofread your content by reading it backward
  4. Proofread homonyms in your content with care
  5. Proofread by reading the content out aloud
  6. Proofreading text requires concentration

#1: Don’t proofread your content immediately after writing it

It is better to leave some time gap between writing blog content and proofreading it. Mostly happens that you may have been concentrating on the content for some time and may slip errors since you are too occupied in it.

So, you will be in a better position to spot errors by proofreading your blog content in case you do a day or two later. If you want the blog content ready post with no errors, you can consider online proofreading services which help you to get reviewed the content in no time.

#2. Enlarge your content size before proofreading

This is a very helpful trick to proofread the content correctly. Enlarge the text size so that you can easily point out errors in your content if any.

#3. Proofread your content by reading it backward

Most of the professional proofreaders use this trick to read the blog content backward i.e. Starts with the last word and come back to the first word.

Even though this looks a bit strange, this trick really is effective to help you to find errors. Of course, this will take a lot of time and effort, but it will certainly help you to identify errors that you might have missed when you read the text in a normal manner.

The reason this works is that the human brain is trained to read the text in a convincing way, and will habitually connect words automatically, even if those words are not really there.

By reading something backward, you do force your brain to focus on each word. So that proofread what is actually in the content as conflicting with what your brain is tricked into seeing.

It’s simpler to find out typos in this way, as you are enforced to emphasis on each individual word, instead of sentences or phrases.

#4. Proofread homonyms in your content with care

While proofreading, the maximum errors that we find around the use of homonyms. Homonyms are actually two words which spelled the same and sounds the same but will have a different meaning altogether.

Examples of homonyms are right & write, wound (injury) & wound (Wraparound), palm (human body part) and palm (tree), etc. We tend to miss errors relating to homonyms since they are not that easy to find. However, it is very important that you check for them carefully, as a misrepresented homonym can reflect really badly on your ability as a blog writer.

Hence, you need to be very careful when you are proofreading and be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into checking your blog content.

#5. Proofread by reading the content out aloud

Every blogger requires basic proofreading technics and this is the best & free technique that improves the quality of the content before publishing. If you are not reading the content loudly, there are chances of reading the content by just eye scanning, but not word by word which won’t help much to find if any issues.

Read it aloud like you are explaining the purpose of the blog/content to someone besides you. Reading the content helps you to identify a few basic issues like a misplaced comma, homonyms, confusing words/sentences.

#6. Proofreading text requires concentration

Of course, without concentration also we can complete any work, but definitely, results will vary. You may proofread the content while traveling or watching television but without full concentration.

You need to make sure your office room distraction-free with no interruptions while you proofread. Hence, better you find time & place where you can proofread the content with concentration for better results.

Below are the best-proofread services you can refer which helps to deliver better & error-free content.


This ginger tool is the best available tool that helps you to deliver error-free content. It comes with a free version also which has all basic features to correct most of the grammar errors along with a free synonym dictionary.

Its services include

  1. Grammar checker – to correct grammatical errors while you type
    1. Sentence rephrases – it gives options to rephrase your text
    2. Dictionary—you can access the dictionary to know the meaning of the word you type
    3. Text reader – it reads back what you have written
    4. Translation – it will support multiple languages
    5. Personal trainer – it helps to improve your English

It integrated with windows, browsers (chrome & safari), iOS, Mac and it also supports as an android keyboard.


It grammarly offers a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox which allows you to correct basic errors on the go. You can use this feature while emailing using Gmail, or you’re any social media account to post your content like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. This is even available as an add-on with Microsoft office so that you can use it with MS word and outlook to correct spelling and grammatical errors.

The free version mainly supports spelling and grammatical correction in the content. If you want to get the following advance features then go for paid version:

  • Advanced punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure checks
  • Readability
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Writing style checks based on genre
  • Plagiarism detector

This is not just a spell-checker; it is more than that. It helps me to deliver the error-free content which is easily readable, understandable.


This Pro Writing aid consists of a grammar checker, style editor and editing tool intended to accurate English writing. The free tool will help you check & correct basic grammatical errors whereas the pro version has loads of features for better content.

This tool will help you Analyze full chapters, entire reports, in-depth articles, and more with no limit on word count.

In integrated with Microsoft office, google docs and is also available as chrome & Firefox extension.  It also provides a plagiarism check service but only bundled with the pro version.


this whitesmoke service will come with Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Style Checker features. It helps to direct errors with explanations and ways to correct them. It integrated with many important applications like windows word, chrome browser, and Mac, etc. but there is no free version I could see and all ultimate features available in paid version only.


Hope you have got useful information on what is proofreading, proofreading tips to validate your blog content and best proofreading tools available free/paid versions.

You can respond here in comments if you have any other proofreading tips/tools which helps every blogger to generate great content.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about how to start a blog, click here 11 Considerations before write a blog .

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.


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