Awesome Way To Get For More Organic Traffic To Your Blog

Awesome Way To Get For More Organic Traffic To Your Blog_Bloggingonblog

Every blogger wants to get more organic traffic to blog in turn which boost the encouragement to write more posts. The primary objective of any successful SEO and Content campaign is to answer the questions of readers.

I am much sure by now you as a blogger know the benefits of blogging. But one of the hardest parts of blogging is how to come up with best content ideas. So, what subjects do you want to cover, what questions are people are finding within your niche? All these questions are really difficult to answer or fetch when you’re coming up with new content consistently.

But how do you find out which questions or problems your audience needs answers to? By the time you ready with the topic you are going to write on, you must have done the keyword research around the same.

What is this keyword research?

Keyword research is one of the basic SEO tasks that involves identifying trendy words and phrases that people enter search engines and make in an attempt to find out what to rank for.

Read more information on what keyword research is.

Best tool to research keywords?

Do we have any tool which can help you to find out all the questioning keywords, propositions, comparisons? Yes,  answer the public tool will help you to find all the vast information around that entered keyword.

What is Answer The Public?

It’s a wonderful tool that allows you to come up with subjects to blog on for your industry niche.

Answer The Public is one of the ultimate keyword tool that displays search questions and suggested autocomplete searches in a picture called a search cloud. 

It is basically a keyword research tool that aggregates a ton of data from Google and Bing in terms of what people are searching.

So, imagine every question which people are asking in your niche Google logs it each time.

And when you go to google and type in a question you will notice that in autosuggest it comes up with a ton of questions people are asking around that subject.

So, collecting all that data is exactly what answer the public does so does it take all that information.

AnswerThePublic attends into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then swiftly reels out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

It organized into categories such as what, where and why, these search clouds provide an overview of the questions people are typing into search engines from their different devices.

It’s a treasure house of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products, and services.

This kind of insight is vital for search marketers for the following reasons:

•             It helps you to get to know who audiences and understand what they are looking for

•             It allows you target your keyword research

•             It lets you optimise for long-tail key phrases

•             This will help you answer questions that you could get into Google’s featured snippets

However, because of recent alterations in Google algorithm announced in 2019 we have seen proof that the need to rank for even more long-tail search queries has increased.

If this free tool, wasn’t essential already, then it’s now become important!

Answer The Public is a long-tail keyword tool which maps out all of the available search data and arranges it under subcategories including: 

  1. Questions – e.g. “what” “when” “can” before the keyword
  2. Prepositions –  e.g. “for”, “near”, “is”,  “with” after the keyword
  3. Comparisons – e.g. “and” “vs” “or” after the keyword
  4. Alphabeticals – e.g the keyword, followed by every letter of the alphabet
  5. Related

This is also known as a “search cloud” and provides a useful insight into the questions/phrases your target audience is inputting into the search engines.

AnswerThePublic pro is filled with features that are not available on the free version. They currently include:

1. Unlimited searches

The Pro version lets unlimited searches, so you are never hit with the daily limit again.

2. Saved reports

It will automatically save the reports your team create so you can easily refer to them (If you run the same search later, the results might change).

3. Compare data + see new suggestions

You can run the same searches over time and easily compare how the search behaviour is evolving. We emphasize the new topics so that you can easily see what is new.

4. Language + Location based results

While the free version is set to the UK, you can improve by other countries in the Pro version – and even look at various languages.

5. High-res images

Great for if you are including your research in a tone or presentation, the Pro version allows you to download the images in high resolution.

6. Hide unwanted sections and individual suggestions

An additional feature that is great for reports and presentations can hide arms. This means you can bring out the results that are not relevant or only include the ones you want to talk about.

7. Unlimited team members

You can add someone from your organisation to your plan – so you only need one account per company.

8. Support

With Answer The Public Pro, you can get the Priority customer support from the team.


Hope this blog helped you to find out the best part up the “answer the public” keyword research tool. Use this tool to get the right set up keywords, questions, propositions for your blog content. So that your blog content can get indexed very free quickly and get more visitors.

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