Salesforce Administrator Practice Test 1

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Salesforce Administrator Practice Test1. Want to test yourself in preparation for the Salesforce Admin Exam?
This test gives you the opportunity to experience the format and level of questions you may see in the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.
This sample practice exam will give you an idea of what you can expect from our fully fledged Admin Exams. The Salesforce Admin practice test gives you the practical experience of appearing for the Salesforce Administrator Exam. Salesforce Certified Administrator Practice Test

Question 1

Ursa Major Solar has selected report folders that are shared with a small group of users who are on Lightning Experience. The administrator needs to prevent these users from customizing the information in the reports.

What should the administrator do to achieve this goal?

A. Utilize Custom Report Types.

B. Lock report filters.

C. Run the report as a specified user.

D. Change Field Level Security.

Question 2

Ursa Major Solar has the following environment and requirements:

A new custom object named Regulations__c is a child of the account object. All users need the ability to view Regulations__c when viewing accounts with the sales account page layout.

How should an administrator provide access to Regulations__c on the sales account page layout?

A. By adding a new custom link for Regulations__c to the sales account page layout

B. By adding a new related list for Regulations__c to the sales account page layout

C. By adding a new section for Regulations__c to the sales account page layout

D. By adding a new action for Regulations__c to the sales account page layout

Question 3

Which two actions should an administrator perform to provide a sales team with an easy solution for gathering customer requirements and sharing presentations with their customers?

Choose 2 options.

A. Add customers to libraries.

B. Use Salesforce Files to post presentations in Chatter.

C. Ensure opportunity teams are created for customers.

D. Add customers to private Chatter groups.

Question 4

After a recent restructure of its Sales Department, Ursa Major Solar is having issues with records being omitted in the new Opportunity Report.

Which three questions should the administrator ask to research this issue?

Choose 3 options.

A. Are records currently being shared with the sales manager?

B. Have the owners of the records been frozen?

C. Do owners of all records have Roles and correct Territory Assignments?

D. Do the records the sales managers expect to see match the filter criteria?

E. Did the sales manager start from a copy or clone of an existing report?

Question 5

Ursa Major Solar customers are starting to request custom-sized solar panels, which are currently unavailable in the standard inventory. Management has decided to add custom sizing as an add-on item in Salesforce.

The administrator needs to allow sales users to add custom sizing to the total opportunity sale.

What should the administrator do to achieve this goal?

A. Add a new field on the opportunity labeled custom sizing.

B. Add custom sizing as a new product in a pricebook.

C. Add custom sizing as a new product in an order.

D. Make a new custom object related to opportunities for custom sizing.

Question 6

A System Administrator creates a Workflow Rule that assigns a task to a support manager role when a case is escalated. The case owner iscomplaining about being assigned these tasks.

What should a System Administrator do to correct this issue?

A. Make sure there is only one user in the role.

B. Remove the Workflow and use a report instead.

C. Add a field update to the Workflow to also change the owner.

D. Change the Workflow Rule to assign tasks based on profile.

Question 7

What are two reasons a user cannot be deactivated?

Choose 2 options.

A. The user is a Customer Community Administrator.

B. The user is the recipient of Workflow Email Alerts.

C. The user account is frozen.

D. The user is the Owner of open Opportunities.

Question 8

An administrator at Ursa Major Solar is setting up case feed.

What should the administrator consider?

A. By default, the case feed replaces the standard case detail page.

B. The Service Cloud user feature license is required for case feed.

C. The Use Case Feed permission is automatically active for all profiles.

D. Chatter feed tracking must be enabled for the case object.

Question 9

Ursa Major Solar’s administrator created a new account record type, but when marketing users are creating new account records, they are unable to choose the new record type.

What are two potential causes of this issue?

Choose 2 options.

A. The record type is disassociated from the page layout.

B. The record type is deactivated.

C. The record type default setting is disabled.

D. The record type is disabled on the marketing user profile.

Question 10

Universal Containers uses an Auto-numbering system to uniquely identify each support request. They want customers to know this number as soon as possible.

Which two features should the System Administrator implement to allow customers have quick access to this information?

Choose 2 options.

A. Case Feed Layout Actions

B. Case Comment Notifications

C. Auto-response Rules

D. Self-service Portal

Question 11

The administrator for the Cloud Kicks has a flow that makes several updates to Contacts when they are being created. If the Contact Status is “New” and the Contact’s email is known, the administrator would also like to send a welcome email.

What should the administrator do to complete this requirement?

A. Create a process builder with email alert to send the email.

B. Create a workflow rule with email alert to send the email.

C. Update the flow with a formula to send the email when needed.

D. Update the flow with a decision to send the email when needed.

Question 12

The customer support team wants to use a different Page Layout when closing a Case.

Which method should the System Administrator use to fulfill this request?

A. Support Process

B. Record Type and Page Layout

C. Field-Level Security

D. Case Close Page Layout

Question 13

Sales representatives at Ursa Major Solar are working on opportunities and need to see how their colleagues have effectively managed other opportunities with comparable products, competing against the same competitors.

Which two features should an administrator use to allow for this?

Choose 2 options.

A. Big deal alerts

B. Opportunity Dashboard

C. Chatter groups

D. Opportunity update reminders

Question 14

Customers complain that they do not know when Comments have been added to their Cases.

Which configuration can a System Administrator implement to address this concern?

A. Enable Case Comment Notification to Contacts.

B. Configure the Case Auto-Response Rules.

C. Create a Workflow Rule Email Alert on Case Comments.

D. Configure Feed Tracking for Case Comments.

Question 15

Ursa Major Solar has the following environment and requirements:

Critical, high-priority accounts have an assigned District Manager, Sales Representative, Inside Sales Representative, and Customer Service Representative.

The Sales Manager wants to prevent these accounts from being inadvertently contacted more than once on the same day.

The Sales Manager wants to report on various customer interactions.

How should the administrator fulfill these requirements?

A. Log a separate task, call, or activity on the account.

B. Enter comments into the notes section on the account.

C. Post customer interactions in Chatter on the account.

D. Log a case on the account.

Question 16

The administrator at Ursa Major Solar needs to provide information for total Salesforce licenses, used licenses, and the remaining Salesforce licenses.

Where in setup can this information be found?

A. Company Information

B. Users

C. Profiles

D. Critical Updates

Question 17

The administrator at Universal Containers is creating a flow with several steps.

How can the administrator check their work as they are developing the flow?

A. Use debug logs in the Developer Console

B. Use debug logs found in Setup

C. Use the Debug tool in the flow builder

D. Perform the same steps manually via the UI

Question 18

What two valid assignee options should an administrator use to configure case assignment rules?

Choose 2 options.

A. Public group

B. Case team

C. Queue

D. User

Question 19

Universal Containers created a Time-Based Workflow rule that sends a follow-up email to the customer two days after a Case is closed. The System Administrator wants to verify that the workflow functions correctly.

Which queue should the System Administrator view to monitor pending Workflow Actions?

A. Time-Based Workflow Queue

B. Mass Email Queue

C. Outbound Messaging Delivery Queue

D. Background Jobs Queue

Question 20

Universal Containers utilizes a private sharing model for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. When account owners are on vacation, a back-up sales rep needs access to all Accounts with the rating of Hot.

How should the System Administrator give the back-up sales rep access to Hot Accounts?

A. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to share all Hot Accounts with the user in the back-up rep account field.

B. Instruct the Hot Account owner to manually share the Accounts with the back-up rep before leaving on vacation.

C. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to share all Hot Accounts with all the users in the back-up rep’s public group.

D. Use a workflow rule to change ownership for all the Hot Accounts where the owner’s On Vacation field is checked.

Question 21

What should the System Administrator check when users are unable to find a CustomReport Type?

A. Add the new Report Type to the related objects.

B. Make sure the user Profile includes the Report Type.

C. Add a button for the new Report Type to the Report Builder.

D. Make sure the new Report Type is deployed.

Question 22

Universal Containers has two business groups, Products and Services. Both groups will be using opportunities to track deals, but different fields are required by each group.

In which two ways should an administrator meet this requirement?

Choose 2 options.

A. Create two permission sets.

B. Create two record types.

C. Create two page layouts.

D. Create two lead processes.

Question 23

A Finance user with the “View All Data” permission enabled sees no Opportunities when opening a Sales pipeline report. However, a Sales Rep sees Opportunities as expected.

Which two actions should a System Administrator perform to resolve this problem?

A. Select Save Hierarchy Level on the pipeline report.

B. Change the Org-Wide Opportunity Sharing Default to Public Read.

C. Update the report filter to show All Opportunities.

D. Create a Custom Report Type for the user that shows all records.

Question 24

An administrator needs to configure Ursa Major Solar’s Salesforce Mobile app with the company’s brand-specific images and color schemes.

Which set of branding options should the administrator use?

A. Loading Page Color, Action Colors, Loading Page Logo

B. Loading Page Logo, Brand Color, Loading Page Color

C. Tab Colors, Action Colors, Loading Page Logo

D. Individual Page Colors, Multiple Loading Page Logos

Question 25

A sales manager recently left Universal Containers and the Salesforce administrator has received the urgent request to deactivate their username. Because the sales manager was part of several approval processes, it is taking longer than expected.

What should the Salesforce administrator do?

A. Reset the User password.

B. Change the User profile.

C. Freeze the User record.

D. Change the User email address.

Question 26

What are two ways to customize basic reports using Lightning Experience?

Choose 2 options.

A. By adding links to external pages

B. By adding a chart

C. By adding a filter

D. By adding a Lightning Component

Question 27

Ursa Major Solar uses data from the grand total of a custom report to create their dashboard.

Which two components will populate the grand total properly?

Choose 2 options.

A. Table

B. Gauge

C. Metric

D. Chart

Question 28

Ursa Major is onboarding 15 new employees in three weeks. The administrator needs to create user records in Salesforce without activating them.

Which two methods allow the administrator to achieve this goal?

Choose 2 options.

A. Create them with the User Import Wizard and ensure that Active is unchecked.

B. Create a .csv file ensuring that IsActive = False, and use the data loader to insert.

C. Click Add Multiple Users and ensure that Generate New Password and Notify User Immediately are unchecked.

D. Schedule a Time-Dependent Workflow to create users in three weeks.

Question 29

Universal Containers uses a hybrid sharing model where Accounts and Contacts are Read Only and Opportunities and Cases are Private. Account Executives (AE) own all the Accounts. Some Contacts are owned by AEs, and other Contacts are owned by support reps.

How should the System Administrator ensure the AEs can edit all the Contacts associated with their Accounts, no matter who owns the Contact?

A. Account owner privileges give the AE edit access to all related records by default.

B. Use the Mass Transfer Tool to transfer ownership of all Contacts to the AEs.

C. Create a read/write Sharing Rule to share all related Contacts with the Account owner.

D. Select the edit all associated contacts option for the AE Role in the Role Hierarchy.

Question 30

Which two related lists should be added to the Opportunity page layout to track how Campaigns contribute to the overall pipeline?

Choose 2 options.

A. Contact Roles

B. Campaign Members

C. Campaign Influence

D. Open Activities

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