Know How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website? Is Pinterest can generate more blog traffic?

If you are here with above questions in your mind, then your are at right place to see answers to those concerns.

Boosting traffic to your blog post site is important so that it can give returns for your investment. Pinterest became a very important part of most of the social media promotional strategy. needless to say, Pinterest is considered as an ultimate social media traffic referral site for every internet marketer.

What is Pinterest for bloggers or internet marketers?

Pinterest is an online pinboard that you can use for a huge variety of purposes. It can be used just like a real pinboard for items like organization, planning, and showing things away and off to the world. It is also a social media marketing site with over a million current users it is growing incredibly fast. Pinterest is quite useful for learning a new challenge both about interests you currently have contributing to new interests.

Know How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest 1

On Pinterest you are able to post your images, articles, and what you find on the Internet onto a pinboard for almost any number of reasons. You can post it and that means you don’t forget it, to hold things organized, you are able to use it to plan, and many other activities.

But together with these traits, Pinterest uses what it learns with regards to you through that which you post on your pinboard for connecting your websites with the same interests, rendering it a social media network too.

Through meeting other folks together with your same interests Pinterest enables you to learn more about everything you like and find out completely interesting things that you’ll opt to be interested in.

Pinterest is also very useful for organizations. It can help you organize plans for such things as trips and business. You can organize 5 pictures of where you wish to go on vacation or places you have to go when over a business trip.

Knowing what the spot seems like helps you a whole lot in terms of getting there, plus the order that the pictures come in can instruct you in places you need to go first and where you have to go last.

Because you can build your pinboards public you may also utilize the pictures to exhibit friends where to find the house. You can show them pictures of landmarks used by navigation, for example, “Turn right with this gas station” and show images with the exact gas station they must turn at.

It can also be employed for getting an image product something can look like with the project’s end before even starting.

For example when you are planning to refurnish a room then you can put pictures of all things you’ll put in the room onto a pinboard and discover all of the things right alongside the other. This will let you see how the colors match and exactly how every bit of furniture every picture for the wall will look close to the other.

So in short Pinterest is often a website which will help you with anything it to, plus a destination to meet new people and learn interesting things. Simply put, one of the best little forums to have fun on.

Setting Up The Pinterest Account

Pinterest is straightforward and fun to work with and everyone can become a professional within a few hours of use. The interface continues to be built to be intuitive and it quickly becomes second nature, just like simply breathing.

Like just about all websites Pinterest includes a homepage. Here you will discover some of the most recent and quite a few popular posts. This allows you to see things that lots of people like, which normally include things that are a common interest, including cooking recipes, new fashions, or result-oriented creation that many people are interested in.

There will also be a research online bar at the highpoint. There you can look for recent or popular posts over a specific topic or interest that you have.

This gives you the advantage of having the capacity to hunt for something you already have an interest in or something you are trying to discover more about, unlike the homepage containing no real subject theme.

There can also be tariffs used to increase pinboards. This is together with the social networking section of the site. You can select people’s names to see their profiles and where they’ve posted.

You can also like their material, touch upon their stuff, or message with these to share with you your common interests. Of course, before you do any of those things you need a business account.

Once you have a business account, there are many possibilities for you personally on every post. You can comment, which is of course where you post your thoughts on a post and share your opinion.

You can like, which simply tells the world that you liked this post but doesn’t give any further specific information about your opinion.

Finally, it is possible to re-pin. Re-pinning is in which you visit a post you prefer, and set that post yourself, board, having a connect to the original post. From here you can also put in a price to some post.

If a post can be a product you are able to let everyone understand specifically just how much the merchandise shown costs without forcing them to navigate to the suppliers’ websites by having the retail price.

Another feature that’s more around the social network side of the site is the opportunity to favorite posts and follows people. This allows you to never lose a record of people you wish to either remain active in or see a greater portion of their posts, and never lose a post that you would like to keep for viewing again later and for purchasing something you find worthwhile.

One important thing to recollect about Pinterest is that it is designed to have a type of endless scrolling, which means you’ll be able to get lost all night and not run out of circumstances to find it on the page.

Drive Massive website Traffic with Pinterest

Increase blog traffic with Pinterest, Website traffic can be greatly increased using Pinterest for the reason that site could be programmed to offer a direct hyperlink to the origin of certain content. For example, when you have something on the website that you might want to raise the website visitors to and you post it to Pinterest. While you post it on your Pinterest, you can use the pin with the URL originated in, which would be your site.

This capability will be extremely good for both bloggers and businesses. Bloggers can increase visitors to their sites with this particular by posting a fascinating image, story, recipe, or whatever relates to your blog post, onto Pinterest and providing your site URL while using pin. Businesses may take one of two approaches for their pins.

One of those would be to just position the product onto a pin and still provide the URL of where to choose the product. This can be useful for products that individuals will typically be prepared to acquire over the Internet, for example, inexpensive jewelry.

This does not work so well except for firms that sell items that aren’t typically bought online or firms that don’t possess a product. For either of those situations, the other method could be employed, that beings exactly like the blogger method.

Post a pin of something interesting on your website, on sometimes just something interesting, and offer your site URL as the foundation. If the content pinned is worthy, both interesting, attention-grabbing, and unique, then people will be going to click on the foundation URL you provided and look at your blogging site.

This technique of increasing visitors is so effective for several key reasons. For one the amount of people using Pinterest is big, currently over millions. The user base is also growing with an astounding rate, over quadrupling in size previously days.

On top of the size and style as well as the expansion of the number of users, each user is estimated to pay fifteen minutes a day on average using the website. With that many individuals spending much time on a passing fancy website, individuals are likely to eventually stumble upon your link.

The other benefit to using Pinterest being a marketing method is always that it is an extremely specific audience that you will be marketing to. The users of Pinterest are almost exclusively 25-35 yr old females. This is ideal for businesses or blogs that are directed at that demographic, as it boosts the possible fascination with your site.

It is also a benefit to websites that aren’t geared towards that group since you don’t ought to waste your time and efforts marketing inside a place you are aware the users wouldn’t be considering what you’re offering.

As you can observe Pinterest can be powerful marketing too, as well as the best part is marketing on Pinterest costs nothing, and might be done discretely. The person going to your site could never know what they just clicked on was really an advertisement, which is a very good thing.

Best part of the Pinterest is that pins generally have a very long life for clicks when compared to Twitter, Facebook, in case if you’re adding evergreen content. But the point here is you need to pin consistently on daily basis to increase blog traffic to your site.

Experts suggest you need to pin at least 10 different pins a day which includes your own site pins and other’s pins. Pinterest will help you to reach more people who follow you when you pin consistently.

Boost Your SEO Ranking With Pinterest

Pinterest offers various advantages for individuals or businesses wanting to boost their SEO ranking. These benefits include anything from in-depth analytics and having the capacity to provide direct links for your site, to be able to add specific tags and create a brand channel.

One of the first advantages most businesses or blogs have taken benefit from will be the free and detailed analytics that Pinterest provides. It gives you the actual pin from which blog traffic was referred to your site. This can be used to your advantage in different ways.

For one, this enables you to connect to individuals who’re available marketing for you personally, allow them to have some tips, and even thank them with online shout-outs as well as a gift package. It also allows you to see what kind of pins grab your audience’s attention.

Another thing that is fantastic for SEO on Pinterest may be the power to produce a brand channel. This permits you to take full benefit of a very targeted web marketing strategy, and monitor how it’s running with statistics like follower numbers and a variety of likes on your pins.

This also lets people re-pin stuff that you post which spreads your marketing exponentially. The Pinterest layout is perfect for virtual catalogues. You could have a full board of just pictures of some of our products with direct links on where you’ll get them.

Pinterest is additionally fully capable of being linked with a Facebook account. This is ideal for bloggers wanting to get more SEO because it causes it to be to ensure whatever you pin on Pinterest will demonstrate up as a web link that has a short preview with the content in your Facebook timeline.

This can subsequently advertise your Pinterest, which subsequently promotes your entire other site, creating a really large, very good network of cross-channel, just the thing for increasing blog views and also SEO.

SEO techniques can also be applied within Pinterest itself by making use of tags and keywords that apply in your business or blog. Using keywords in this way raises your standings on the searches that users do on their interests from the site.

And just like in other search engines like google, the bigger up you gaze, the more likely you can be found. But one important thing to keep in mind about what you post is termed the 90/10 rule.

That rule states that only 10 % of one’s pins should be self-promotion, any further than that will you just appear self-important and nobody is interested in your content. If you are receiving plenty of follows and plenty of likes or re-pins, but you’re not going to a big start the thoughts about your site then the usual possible solution can be owning a competition.

The competition should needless to say possess some type of reward for your winner, but should somehow be made to direct the users on your website to win.

Promote Your Business On Pinterest

Promoting your business, or perhaps your services as an individual, can be difficult, but it’s exactly about creating a large audience. Pinterest is the ideal location for marketing because it is a really large website. These Pinterest users will also be extremely faithful, the majority of folks imply that the typical Pinterest user spends an average of a quarter-hour each day on the webpage.

As I mentioned, it’s also growing faster than anything we previously seen, acquiring almost its entire current total of users in less than a year. What’s more, is that the audience is of an extremely concentrated demographic. The users of Pinterest are almost exclusively female, and they are almost entirely between the ages of 25 and 35.

The huge audience and dense demographic isn’t the thing Pinterest has to offer. If you open a account on Pinterest specifically for your organization you obtain entry to a chest of invaluable analytics tools free.

These tools will assist you to see things like simply how much blog traffic you’re directing aimed at your web from Pinterest, how much visitors are being given to your Pinterest, what the location where the traffic on your Pinterest is arriving from. This allows you to find people promoting your businesses and reward them in some way, which needless to say results in more promotion from that individual.

One great thing you can do to drive your online popularity like a business for a time would be to manage a contest on Pinterest. This contest ideally includes prizes that are packages of one’s products, or possibly cash, and really should somehow direct website visitors to your company’s website in order for them to win.

You could also have a very requirement to sign up for an email list to be able to have a chance at winning, which can then enable your continued contact with the people who interacted together with your Pinterest.

One best part for big companies to do is make their brand more and more people-friendly so to say. This can be done by posting a picture of men and women around the office and using low-quality images from things like handheld cameras instead of using images that are obviously used in a studio, by using a model and then extensively photoshopped.

You could also do that by hosting a true world event, as being a company cookout for instance, and promoting it on Pinterest. This not just makes your brand seem more human, but also gets people to connect to your small business in the real world.

Cross-bonding between sites is definitely a sensible way to increase people’s loyalty to your brand. If your company carries a Facebook, that account may be synced with all the company’s new Pinterest channel, the ones from your Facebook page will see in your feed that you’ve started to pin things on Pinterest.

They are then highly more likely to go and look against each other, further reinforcing their link with your company.

These are only a few of the techniques to use Pinterest to further your business marketing, and there are actually countless others. But remember, creativity is amongst the best ways to use a successful marketing plan.

Branding Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest a massive audience, and it is a great spot to brand name and promote your business. This also applies to individuals who freelance, Pinterest is a great resource to discover potential clients.

Know How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest 3

For companies that sell a unique product or products, there is a use of putting your products into a pin. You are able to include a direct link within the post on the URL of the location where the product is offered.

This allows you to direct interested buyers directly to where they must buy it from. An extension of this technique is to also offer special deals to Pinterest followers. This can be done using something such as a promo code or they can be put onto a subscriber lists the receives coupons.

The best way to execute an email list like this is to keep a consistent schedule with the coupons, like monthly possibly even by way of example.

Another way for branding yourself or maybe your business on Pinterest would be to create a brand group. This feature allows your business to get its boards that could be user-contributed, or entirely created by the company itself, and may enable you to concentrate your material and make more tightly focused pins in general.

This also offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the massive variety of analytics tools Pinterest will give you use of. This data can then be familiar with see which kind of demographic your products or services and marketing style is attracting.

Also on the note of gather demographic data, you should use Pinterest to run surveys and essentially get free researching the market and product ideas.

Not only does this enable you to see what your audience is thinking about buying it gets more and more people to join the group that is considering buying your product or service and gets the already interested group more involved. Buyer involvement is vital in enabling repeated buyers.

Two tricks for branding the services you receive just as one individual or freelancer will be to enter communication along with other professionals with your field, and also to use Pinterest to tidy up collaboration online websites.

There is no shame to ask questions, and Pinterest allows you must questions about your profession with people, typically those who are with your field but more lucrative than you. Getting advice from these veteran experts inside the field will make you immeasurably better your job. Pinterest can also be familiar with arranging collaborations.

For example, for those who have a project deadline springing up you may ask many people for help, websites as bad as the tight-knitted nature of the Pinterest community, you are likely to get some help.

Pinterest is definitely an extremely lucrative marketing and branding tool for both businesses and individual freelancers alike, with free analytic tools, the ability to imbed URLs straight into posts, and countless other advantages.

All of that on top of an enormous and growing audience of well over a million users who spend about fifteen minutes weekly around the site can give your business the important thing advantages it requires to succeed within the marketing department.


That was my opinion with Pinterest so far as I used Pinterest for blog traffic till today. I’d like you to go on with Pinterest to see and find out what will work overtime for your scenario.

And can you share what is your view on Pinterest, as a source of blog traffic? Please share your thoughts on the Pinterest tool in the comments! For bloggers, it can be a great source of blog traffic which depends on your image-making skills and marketing skills.

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