The Ultimate Guide to Creating An Instagram Story with Multiple Photos

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating An Instagram Story with Multiple Photos

Instagram stories are all the very popular, but you can’t just add a photo to your story. You have to take a new one for each person who wants to see it. This is annoying! Luckily, there’s an easy way around it. By using multiple photos in your Instagram story at once, you’ll be able to share more content without having to take photos or videos separately. This guide will show you how it’s done and walk through some examples of what kinds of things might work best.-

How To Edit Instagram Stories On An IPhone

To start editing your story, you need to open the Instagram app.

To do this, tap on the camera button in the bottom right corner of your screen and then tap on Story.

Then tap on Plus Sign in bottom right corner of your screen and select Edit Story or press back arrow or swipe up on notification panel to go back one level.

Tap on Camera icon at bottom left corner which will open black box with white balance meter inside it along with shutter button (if available) at center bottom portion of it; here you can take pictures or videos by tapping anywhere within that box for taking snaps!

How To Edit Your Instagram Story On Android

To edit your story, you’ll need to open the Instagram app on your Android phone or tablet.

Tap the camera icon in the upper-left corner of your screen and then swipe left until you reach a photo. Tap on it and select Edit from this menu.

You’ll see a list of options that allow you to change things like brightness levels and color saturation (if needed). If there are multiple photos within this story, tap Add Photo at any time during editing so they can be added as well. You can also go back through previous edits by tapping Check Mark at any time during editing or by tapping Done after making changes.

Sharing A Saved Photo From Your Camera Roll

  • Go to your camera roll.
  • Tap the share button in any image you’ve taken on Instagram or in a video.
  • Select the photo you want to share from your camera roll by tapping on it and then tapping “Select.” You can also swipe left or right if there are multiple photos selected for sharing (this is how we were able to get into some pretty cool stories).
  • Once you’ve selected a single photo, tap “Next.” If this option isn’t available, it means that either no one has shared anything since they last logged into their account or there are no new photos uploaded since they last logged on themselves!

Adding A Photo You Just Took With Your Camera

If you’ve ever taken a picture with your camera, or even just used the live photo feature on Instagram, then you already know how to add a photo to your story.

To add a photo from inside the camera app:

  • Open up the camera app and press “Take Photo”
  • Take your photo (you can also use one of our filters)
  • Tap anywhere on screen to exit back out of the device

Now you can use Instagram stories to share multiple photos at once.

Now you can use Instagram stories to share multiple photos at once. This is a great way to show your followers what’s happening in the moment, or even just give them an inside look into how you’re feeling.

To do this, tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of your screen (it looks like three dots) and select “Create Story.”

You’ll see a new screen appear with all of your previous Stories listed at the top of this one—you’ll want to scroll through those until you see an option called “More” under “Stories.” Click on that button and select “Add Photo(s).”

Then select one or more photos from within your gallery that you’d like included in this story creation process; each photo must be uploaded individually before continuing with adding more photos later on down below! Now let’s move onto adding some text before we start creating our story!


So this is everything you need to know about editing Instagram stories on your phone. It’s a little bit of work, but if you want to share more with your followers or get them excited about what’s coming next then it will be worth it in the end.

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