Most Successful WordPress SEO Plugin You Need To Know As Blogger

This post is about the best WordPress SEO plugin which can help you to get the blog traffic simply.Blogging is becoming a profession for countless people who have exciting news or tips to write about that other people want to read. That is from star gossipers to moms that want to share news, stories, and tips.There are a lot of unlike people who are blogging on the internet on different topics. Even though many blogs are getting published online per day, there will always hope for more and best.Blogging is not just a hobby these days and every blogger looking for making money out of it. Here, newcomers can also make money blogging in case they have something interesting to write and share so that they can generate a lot of traffic to their blog page.As there are millions of blog posts on the internet already, it will be a bit hard to get a lot of visitors to your blog. The main point is to have something interesting matter that people will truly want to read. This may be a blog with kitchen recipes that are easy to make for kids, home cleaning tips, software updates, or a little bit of all.But how can any blogger make sure more readers come to the site and read the article?  

Will it be that simple to gain the visitors by just posting content?

Or you should apply any other important strategy so that content can impress the search engine and in turn will get readers to the site?The simple answer to all the questions is implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the right manner on top of the content you have written. So that you can generate increased traffic to a particular site in a simple manner.Traffic can be taken as potential clients and consumers for the owner of that site. This of course explains the importance of generating that traffic and making money out of it.A person may be engaged to a site by the search engine entry results or it may be some type of redirection that happened. The point here is that readers might not be explicitly looking for this certain site but are rather rooted in it by the search engine as it is ranked as part of the first ten results.Based on this, you can understand the importance of having a high ranking when someone is on a search engine. This is the reason that every site will look for any possible way to raise their search engine ranking position.    

How can you use WordPress SEO plugin to implement SEO?

On a high level, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is of two types.
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
You should make sure to apply this SEO strategy correctly so that you will get better results.WordPress SEO Plugins can help you to implement the on-page SEO so that you can post SEO optimized content. And in return, you will get more traffic from the search engine in an organic way.SEOPressor is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that helps with the on-page optimization of your blog posts and pages. You may think that “What is the special in SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin”, “Why we are speaking about this WordPress SEO plugin where we have other available SEO plugins as well?”Ok, let me tell you why it is a bit different from other WordPress SEO plugins and what does it do.SEOPressor was started in the year 2010 and it has a better reputation of being the mandatory WordPress SEO Plugin.    Most Successful WordPress SEO Plugin You Need To Know As BloggerUntil you have used any great WordPress SEO plugin or hired SEO expert, you can see SEO as a scary strategy and it takes a lot of your time to achieve the best results.Hence, better take the help of some of the best SEO tools like SEOPressor which can help you in saving your and time.Its main features are as below.

On-Page Analysis

Open fact that you need to comply with search engine rules/guidelines so that your blog post page gets the better search engine rank. To achieve the same, you have to implement the on-page SEO strategy which includes keywords placement, content readability, optimizing other points on-page.This SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin will help you to rightly apply those on-page SEO tricks so that you get better traffic.SEOPressor offers enhanced on-page analysis which will take into consideration very common things like word count, content readability, keyword density, etc.You like the way it shows optimization suggestions on where and what can be improved.

Keyword suggestion

Without a keyword, you can’t expect any blog traffic from the search engine at least. Keywords play a major role in how your blog page gets ranked and how quickly.A webpage with best-focused keywords tends to rank better on search engines. This tool will help you to magnify your content’s keywords by suggesting up to 3 keywords for better search ranking.

Quick SEO Suggestions

SEO is a bit messy and puzzling in starting days, and don’t know where to start and what to implement. SEOPressor helps you in this by providing you with systemized, listed, and actionable suggestions so you know exactly what you can do next.Most Successful WordPress SEO Plugin You Need To Know As Blogger

User-friendly interface

If you are new to blogging or not too much aware of few technical terms, then it is difficult to do the best SEO settings with no mistake.  You don’t need to much worry about that point in the case of SEOPressor SEO plugin.This tool will come with the best user interface with self-explanatory headings and information on all SEO settings.

Semantic Builder

You can take full control of how the search engines understand your website structure/content. With this tool, you can improve search engine relevancy without writing a single line of code.Define the markup of your website clearly which will enable search engines to categorize your website correctly. With better categorization, your blog will be able to achieve better search rankings.Most Successful WordPress SEO Plugin You Need To Know As Blogger

Link Management

Internal linking is one of the best SEO methods which helps you to reduce the page bounce rate. Page bounce rate is something derived based on how much time the user spent on the page driven from search and navigation to different pages on the same website.The more page bounce rate you have the less rank you get from search engines. Hence, do the better internal linking to the relevant posts/pages on your site and increase the ranking.By using this SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin, you can do this easily and manage the better internal link structure to increase reader retaining and reduce bounce rate.Here is what all you get from SEOPressor SEO Plugin.Most Successful WordPress SEO Plugin You Need To Know As Blogger


Other important features

  • Multiple Keywords Analysis
    • SEOPressor will optimize your content with the right keyword and that too with 3 keywords.
  • SEOPressor Over-Optimization Check
    • SEOPressor will make sure you don’t over-optimize your content, keyword stuffing which may result in Google Penalty.
  • Progressive LSI Keywords Engine
    • It gives enhanced progressive LSI Keywords Engine powered by LSIGraph for best semantic keywords.
  • Semantic Density
    • It comes with a built-in Semantic Analytics, which helps you to check your content is semantically related to your keywords or not.
  • Schema and Dublin Core
    • It will support both Dublin Core and Schema markup which helps you to improve your webpages structured data.
  • SEOPressor Local SEO
    • You can also set up local SEO for your local business now and you can maximize your exposure for local searches.
  • Homepage Settings
    • You know the Homepage is possibly the most important page of your website. This SEOPressor will help you to optimize it the way it does with posts.
  • On-Page META Settings
    • SEOPressor’s improved settings now come with a monitoring function to guide you to write the best meta tags.
  • Facebook Open Graph
    • Open Graph setting is the key setting by which you can share the post on to Facebook correctly. SEOPressor’s newly enhanced Social SEO now gives better customization for Open Graph setting.
  • Canonical Link
    • The new SEOPressor comes with the flexibility to easily set up a canonical link on each post.
  • 301 URL Redirect
    • Not to much bother about a broken page now. You can just redirect the traffic with SEOPressor’s newly added URL redirect feature.
  • SEOPressor Site Audit
    • SEOPressor comes with the feature which will check the site health along with on-page SEO. Because apart from on-page SEO, a healthy domain is also important.


SEOPressor only coming with one price plan that is $9/Month. It comes with free Lifetime Updates and unlimited Domains\On-Page Analysis features.


SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin does what it’s promised to do. SEOPressor helps you to do on-page optimization perfectly which in turn helps in getting your blog pages ranked high.As on-page SEO is one of the vital factors in getting better search engine ranking, this tool will make your task easy in configuring the same.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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